About the Owner

My love of “all things wild” emerged while growing up on this property in the Elkhorn Mountains, which was a fully operational cattle ranch in the 1960’s. I shadowed my father through days of fence mending, irrigating fields, doctoring calves and the occasional early morning horseback ride up the mountain to watch the sun rise. I continued my interest in the natural world earning a University of Washington BS in Forest Engineering, then moving on to a sales career working for: Caterpillar Tractor Company, General Electric Corp., Digital Equipment Corp. and Xerox. While working for Corporate America in many locations around the US I always kept my heart and eyes on returning to the landscape that I loved.

 I now live in Boise, ID focusing on family, watercolor painting, conservation activism, native gardening and implementing environmentally progressive management practices at Good Bear Ranch.  Gifting art and Good Bear Ranch vacation packages to rural communities and conservation organizations is a special interest of mine. It allows me to connect with the people and places whose values I share. 

It is my hope that, through my art and sharing of my home at Good Bear Ranch, I can influence others towards a more nuanced understanding of our planet. This tiny blue jewel of life, afloat in the universe, is our dearest treasure and most accurate reflection of our spiritual wealth.

Below are some photos of Robin’s early life on the ranch

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