Around the Ranch

While staying at Good Bear Ranch, there are countless things to do without even leaving the property.


Just steps beyond the front door are numerous options for hikers of any skill level. Old roads meandering throughout the property make for easy walking, while endless game trails allow for more difficult treks. Wildflowers, creeks, and plentiful wildlife enhance every outdoor adventure.


The abundant wildlife at Good Bear Ranch is one of the many treasures of this property. Deer are often seen in the yard, while Elk can be watched and heard bugling as they descend into the field adjacent to the house on warm summer evenings.

Mountain bird species enjoy our birdhouses and have even made a nest in the outdoor chandelier.

Foxes, coyotes, and even bobcats can be seen on their early morning hunt in the field below the house if you’re lucky! During late Summer and Fall, a rafter of wild turkeys makes Good Bear Ranch their home. The male turkeys are a joy to watch as they fan out their tales hoping to catch the attention of female turkeys.

Higher up on the property, a momma bear and her 4 cubs have been spotted, but don’t worry, they want nothing more than to mind their own business and will likely not be seen or heard. This is where the name Good Bear Ranch originated.

The wildlife on our ranch is very dear to us. Please be respectful and give the animals their space. We want them to feel safe and comfortable to continue living alongside us.


Season permitting, some very successful foraging has been known to occur at Good Bear Ranch. Huckleberries and morel mushrooms are among the most common things to forage for. Just remember to please be courteous and leave some for the next group to come along.


Throughout the large property are many species of wildflowers to photograph and admire. Please do not pick the flowers, as we want everyone to be able to enjoy them.

Relax and Unwind, While Spending Quality Time With Your Loved Ones

Good Bear Ranch is the perfect place to unwind, and spend time with those you love. The breathtaking views and many seating areas, both indoor and outdoor, create an environment perfect for relaxation and bonding. Our family’s favorite part of spending time here is just being together in this beautiful place. The jetted spa tub doesn’t hurt either!

Other Activities Include…

  • Playing games (pool, ping pong, foosball, or one of the many board games)
  • Choose a book from our library and take some time to read
  • Have a fire in the outdoor fire pit or chiminea (fire season permitting)
  • Do some yoga on the yoga deck – mats provided
  • Play Wii, Xbox, or watch a movie via the roku box
  • There are tons of beautiful photography opportunities – from the views to the wildflowers and wildlife.

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